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Renaissance Home, LLC

Restyle, Recreate, Reimagine

Welcome to Renaissance Home where we can redesign your cabinetry, your furniture, your walls, and more! 

Custom Cabinet Painting

Renaissance Home offers custom cabinet painting. You can choose any color in any finish, and transform your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, or hall cabinets! Choose a solid color, glazed/antiqued, or distressed. Add crown molding and hardware also to finish the look!

Custom Furniture Refinishing

Renaissance Home offers custom furniture refinishing! Do you have a piece you love that no longer fits into your style or needs a facelift? Maybe you have a piece that has been in the family for a long time and you can't bear to get rid of it so it sits in your garage or in storage. Pull out those old, dusty, worn pieces and give them new life!

Murals & Decorative Painting

Renaissance Home offers murals, mural accents, and many types of decorative painting! Transform your child's room, an office, a playroom or even a mancave! We can paint any theme from cartoon characters to sports and much more!

Faux Finishes

Renaissance Home offers faux finishes also! Play up an accent wall or do a whole room!

Furniture For Sale

Furniture for sale! Check often for new hand-painted pieces up for sale!